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Meet an Artist: Bob!

We asked our lead artist, Bob, some questions! Check out what he said below!


1. Hi Bob! So what do you do at Pixelberry?

I get that question a lot, though usually from my boss. I'm one of several artists who create the game art. Art that meets the overall vision of what the game is about. So everything a player sees including buttons, characters, buildings, and clothing was created by an artist.

2. How long have you been making art, and how did you get started?

I've been making art probably since before anyone reading this blog was born. I started in the days before personal computers, but after dinosaurs. My dad was a really good artist but worked all his life in a grocery store to feed our family. I was fortunate to inherit a small percentage of that talent and luckier still to make a living from it.

3. What was your favorite in-game art asset to make?

There are so many. I do like the Level 2 Nerd Hangout for its goofiness and detail. The Level 2 Musician Hangout is a new favorite too.

4. What advice do you have for young artists?
Don't grow old, because you'll find young artists trying to squeeze you out. Seriously, illustrators should be sure to know the basics of their craft; composition; color; lighting; modeling; perspective; the human form. In the long term these will serve you regardless of the media or specialty you are into.

5. What character type do you most identify with in High School Story?

When I was in high school a jock approached me and asked, "How do you read all those books?"  

He thought I was a nerd and therefore read a lot of books. But like him, I didn't read books. So I had the looks of a nerd and the brain of a jock. Which naturally makes me an artist, right?

6. Are there any funny or interesting facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

I was an animator for the flying toaster screensaver. I produced my own trading card set about an invasion from Uranus. I have an unfinished children's book and graphic novel. I like black licorice. That about sums it up.


If you have any questions for Bob, please leave a comment below!