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What an Intern's Day is Like

 Hey everyone! We are Daniel and Haley, the interns at Pixelberry Studios! We'll be the people posting on this blog. We will be providing you with updates on the team, High School Story, and anything else that we think you should know about! But before we do all that, we thought it'd be a good idea to share with you what a normal day is like for an Intern!

The first thing we do every morning is answer everything fans have sent in to Pixelberry. That includes on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HSSgame), Twitter (https://twitter.com/HSSGame), Tumblr (http://hssgame.tumblr.com/), and our Customer Support page on our website. We try to answer everything that is sent to us. Sometimes, we'll post on Instagram (http://instagram.com/hssgame) as well for fun Pixelberry photos! 

The rest of our time is spent doing the various things that need to be done. We'll be working on marketing images, editing marketing videos, testing High School Story, creating music for promotions, and sometimes even washing a wall (don't ask).

So that's what our days are like! We'll be bringing content like this about the rest of our team and more fun updates every other day. Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Haley

Interns at Pixelberry Studios