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Meet a Writer: Jennifer

We asked one of our writers, Jennifer, a few questions! Check out what she said below!

What do you do at Pixelberry?

I'm a writer and designer at Pixelberry. I, along with a couple others, work on the date content for High School Story. It's really important to our team that every date to be unique and special, so we have tons of different kinds of dates--bicycle dates, movie dates, dinner dates, any date you want really! 

In addition to writing, I also work closely with our artists on designing and creating the outfits you see in the game. It's super fun, but sometimes be very challenging. It’s harder than it seems to create outfits that really define the characters by their trait or type. Like the ‘Gamer’ characters for instance were really tough because there are so many different types of gamers. It’s not like you can just put the guys in a nerdy t-shirt and jeans because that doesn’t necessarily translate into a ‘gamer’ when you first see them. 

How did you get started as a writer?

I started writing when I was six years old. I used to write everything in notebooks. My first work was the novel adaptation of Disney's classic movie, Cinderella, which I loved when I was a kid. From there, I moved on to original novels, where my favorite genre to write for was fantasy and scifi. I love to write, and I do it every day, both for my job at Pixelberry and personally! I even wrote a young adult series with a friend of mine! 

Which “clique” do you identify with?

In High School Story, there are a few types I definitely identify as. I'm a little jock-ish; in high school, I played varsity tennis and was on the local golf team for my city. But I’m also a little bit of a gamer because I play a lot of video games. My favorite games are co-ops like L4D2 and Borderlands. 

Mostly, though I’m very nerdy. I studied a lot, and I was the kind of person who always did my homework in school. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I read all the time, and I love young adult fiction. I also really love nerdy things like anime and comic books. So if I had to choose one, ‘nerd’ is the thing I best identify with.

What makes you the most excited for what’s coming to High School Story?

There are a lot of cool new features coming to High School Story, but I’d have to say that the thing I’m most excited to see is the new outfits for students. All of the types are getting three additional outfits that will change as they level up in the game. This adds a lot of variety and life to the schools.