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-Pixelberry Team

Launch Day!

Pixelberry is excited to announce that High School Story has officially launched globally! After 18 months of hard work and team collaboration, the game is now available for everyone to enjoy. The team celebrated with a toast by the CEO, Oliver. We counted down to the moment, Keith, one of the founders, punched a shiny red button that launched High School Story into every single country across the whole planet! Okay, it was just a regular typewriter button that Keith tapped… but the moment felt really big.
The launch brought the team together as we discussed our own high school stories around the lunch table.  It was surprising how different each one was.  Apparently, they take Health and PE very seriously at some schools... Anyways, thanks for all the support along the way and for helping us get to this point. We hope you enjoy High School Story!


-High School Story Team