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Meet a Writer: Royal

We asked one of our writers, Royal, a few questions! Check out what he said below!

What do you do at Pixelberry?

My official title is Producer/Designer/Writer, and like it probably sounds, my duties are pretty varied from day to day.

Some days, I write quests for HSS. Some days, I design new game content. Some days, I do marketing or outreach or pinch-hit on graphic design... The list really goes on and on.

How did you get started as a writer?

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. There's a shelf at my parents' house that's filled end to end with books I wrote in the 3rd grade. They're bound with cardboard and wallpaper into teensy, little hardcovers.

As far as my professional career... I went to college for film, got an MFA in screenwriting, and I've been writing for a living ever since. I've done comics, film, videogames. If it started with words on a page, I've probably done it professionally at some point.

What character type do you most identify with in High School Story?

As a film student twice over, I think I most identify with the filmmaker type. Writing that quest was a lot of fun. I've always wanted to make a horror movie!

What makes you the most excited for what’s coming to High School Story?

I led the design for partying, so I'm especially excited for all the new characters that are coming... and coming really soon! I think the new unlockable characters will be really popular! Hint: there are new base types on the way.

Are there any funny or interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share?

When I was very little, I was in the R.E.M. video for Shiny Happy People. It's totally goofy to watch it now, but being on that music video set at such a young age probably changed the trajectory of my life.