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Are YOU Quick Enough?

Many of us here at Pixelberry met up while working on a game called Surviving High School. Players of both games will notice that characters in the games (particularly Kimi, Owen, Autumn, and Wes) show up in both Surviving High School and High School Story.

We learned a lot on Surviving High School, and we made a lot of good friends in the process! One of those friends is Phuong Vo, who went on to do his own games--the Are You Quick Enough? Series: Are You Quick Enough? followed by Are You Quick Enough? 2, and now Are You Quick Enough? 3!

Phuong's new game is now free--check it out!

Phuong's new game! @AskPayton is playing... are you?

Phuong's new game! @AskPayton is playing... are you?

We're really excited for Phuong's game--we've been playing it all week--and we wanted to share it with you guys and give him a shout out in High School Story! We hope you like it as much as we do!